lunes, 9 de enero de 2012


Continuando con una de nuestras leyendas urbanas favoritas, la que afirma que Paul McCartney murió en un accidente de tráfico en 1966 siendo sustituído en The Beatles por un doble, Bill Campbell, he aquí una tétrica balada que ilustra dicha teoría.

Has Paul McCartney left this world?
Has he taken his last breath?
Have John and George and Ringo told us of his death?
Never made the papers didn't read it in the news.
But its right there for you to find in several hidden clues.

From Sgt. Pepper to Abbey Road, they had us on a chase.
If you know just where to look, it all falls into place.
An argument, an accident, an unseen traffic light,
a left hand guitar on a fresh dug grave

An album dawned in mouring white in a magical mystery tour.
Three inside with blood red rose, one dead black one makes four.
Song lyrics are important, in fact they say it all.
At the end of "Strawberry Fields," John says "I buried Paul."

Four men on the front of Abbey Road cross a London street.
The first in white, the next in black, the third no shoes on feet.
A cigarette is held in the right hand of the dead,
but McCartney was LEFT HANDED so everyone is dead.
These are just a few things that I have found.
They are somewhere in the (Unauditable....) burried

(Instrumental) Yeah yeah yeah

Of one fact I am certain, on one point crystal clear,
alive or dead or just a hoax, the truth we'll never hear.
John Lennon is a holy man, he'd like us to believe
he led us all from clue to clue, so fantastic to conceive.
If you can find it in the scriptures, or read it in King Lear,
you may have a date in Pepperland, the time in drawing near.

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